Diario Sur
 “With no doubt, the best (of the concert) was the devotion and impeccable technique of the guitarist from Malaga, Marco Socías.” 
  Diario de Córdoba
 “… stylistic and refined, knowing how to extract from the guitar the most suggestive sounds”. 
 Diario de Cádiz
 Marco Socías is at this precise moment one of the finest, most elegant and detailed of all who belong to our musical universe, and his approach to Rodrigo’s music (…) has an enlightening lucidity and depth”. 
 El Sol
 “Marco Socías’ music breathes sweetness and sensitivity. His easy command makes the public to forget the traditional difficulties of the instrument (…). Marco Socías is not a guitar virtuoso. He is even more: a virtuoso of music itself.”  
 “… clear performance, stylistic, well differentiated, fresh, rich in colors, sometimes melancholic, and always brilliant in the use of the rubato”. 
 “Elegance, phrasing, colors, nuances, temperament. Socías is all that himself, who is giving a lesson to other contemporary famous guitarists.” 
 “Marco Socías is not a usual musician: rarely I have heard Rodrigo’s works where, instead of harshness we find kindness, and the regular vulgarity is transformed in unsurpassed beauty. (…) Unsurpassed technique and exemplary melodic direction.”  
 “… he already achieved to the full artistic maturity. (…) His technique is infallible (…) but, without any doubt, the best we find here is freshness, new details and an inexhaustible good taste”. 
 “… as a performer, he approaches every single piece with a gesture of supreme musical consciousness. (…) Marco Socías creates the aesthetical message typical for a real artist”. 
 Diario Sur 1979  
 “The young –almost a boy- Marco Socías deeply aroused our admiration from the very first moment he began his performance, exhibiting an unexpected maturity for such a young player. It is not only that he is in possession of a good guitar school and the technical skills which are usual for a gifted student, but –above all- his musical wisdom and the necessary talent in order to dig into the fine aesthetics intention of the pieces, and recreate them giving a lot of himself. And this is nothing that can be taught.”